ChatGPT: It’s not just for Geeks!

Cyrano de Bergerac, eat your heart out. There is a new way for us tounge-tied dodos to be pitchin’ woo, and that is AI. Or Artificial Intelligence. I wanted to wax poetic in sweet talking my wife, so check out the results from a couple of my friends:

My fair lady Tracy, thou art my heart’s delight,
Thy beauty doth outshine the stars in the night.
With thee by my side, my love shall never cease,
For in thy embrace, I find eternal peace.

Not really me. Try again . . .

Rip from Yellowstone
Tracy, my darling, you’re my everything,
Without you, life ain’t worth a damn thing.
You’re the light that guides me through the night,
I’ll love you always, with all my might.

Yeah, people confuse me with Rip all the time.

I just reworked part of one of my webpages with ChatGPT to make it more SEO friendly, and was pretty impressed at the difference. I am now pushing my reports through it, (not the confidential stuff in case China is listening), redoing blog posts, etc.

It’s always a good feeling to see the difference it can make,
And I’m sure your clients will appreciate the improved product you create.

But why stop there? The possibilities are endless, you see,
There are countless ways to use this awesome little tool to serve your clients and thee.

From redoing blog posts to crafting engaging social media content,
The potential is limitless, and the results are often quite excellent.

So keep on exploring and experimenting, my friend,
And let ChatGPT be your trusty assistant until the very end.

But seriously- go to and jump to front of the curve. My clients will get better written reports, and we are figuring out ways to engage this pretty awesome little tool in other ways to serve our clients.