Cell Phone Forensics for Lawyers

Evidence from cell phones, tablets, and cloud sources

Mobile Device Forensics: Expert Analysis & Court-Tested Results

Our mobile device forensics team uses the same tools and methodologies used by law enforcement and military to obtain evidence from cell phones. Our process includes preserving, extracting, analyzing, and presenting data in court using only court-tested tools.

Our reports are produced in a variety of formats including Cellebrite UFDR Reader, PDF, HTML, Excel, and load file for eDiscovery. Trust us to provide 100% defensible results for your legal matter.

Cloud-Based Cell Phone Forensics: Unlocking Valuable Data

Don’t overlook evidence stored in the cloud! Our cell phone forensic team is experienced in accessing cloud-based data sources for both Apple and Android devices. We routinely extract iCloud backup data for Apple devices, which can restore previously deleted information. We also perform Google Drive data extraction for Android devices. Recovering deleted text messages often happens here.

Failing to include cloud-based data in your collection scheme can mean missing out on crucial evidence. Trust our expertise to uncover all potential sources of data for your case.