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Nearly all documents and correspondence are created and transmitted electronically, making the computers and cell phones the obvious starting places to look for evidence.

We find the needle in the needlestack.

Reasons to initiate a cyber investigation include:

John Troxel

Computer Forensics Expert John Troxel

• Suspected theft or sharing of proprietary information (client data, proposals, confidential memos, accounting data, etc.)
• Inappropriate e-mail and other electronic communications
• Accessing questionable websites through the Internet (According to Websense, 70% of Internet porn traffic occurs during the 9 to 5 workday.)
• Illegal activities by employees (According to the FBI/Computer Security Institute’s survey, upwards of 70% of all computer crime is committed by employees.)
• Inappropriate computer use

Computer forensics is more than just geeks digging into data, it is using specific tools and methodologies that are forensically sound and acceptable in court as part of an investigation.  Every case is treated as if it were going to be used in litigation. It is critical that the computer forensics investigator understand the legalities surrounding the capture, storage and analysis of electronically stored information (ESI).

Since 2003, our investigations firm has conducted forensic computer investigations for law firms, businesses, governmental agencies and individuals throughout California.  A large number of our cases are employee or divorce related.

We are AccessData certified and can analyze all types of ESI including hard drives, external storage devices, mobiles, digital cameras, etc. Evidence can often be recovered despite attempts to hide or delete data.

We regularly work on employment law (employee misconduct) and family law matters, to support litigation, and conduct workplace investigations for human resources, risk management, etc.

VRI Computer Forensics is one of the only firms in Utah providing computer forensics services. We perform all forensic computer investigation analyses at our locations in Salt Lake and Los Angeles, using only evidence grade hardware and software; but we frequently travel beyond to serve our clients nationwide for data acquisition and other consulting needs.

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