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Computer and Mobile Forensics for Attorneys.

Cell Phone Forensics & Computer Forensics

For two decades, VRI Computer Forensics has been a trusted provider of prompt and reliable expert digital forensics investigation results, catering to clients that include the country’s leading law firms. Nationwide coverage, offices in Utah and California.

Computer Forensics

  • Internet History
  • Recover Email
  • Metadata analysis
  • Recover deleted data
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Employee activity
  • FTK, Axiom
  • Mobile forensics

Client Success

We were recently court-appointed as a §730 digital forensics expert to identify existence of child pornography in a custody matter, and we found that the wife planted the illegal images to implicate her husband. More success stories »

Cell Phone Forensics

  • Identify text messages
  • Show call log
  • Discover photographic transmissions
  • Find location history
  • Timeline mobile device activity
  • Info from third-party texting apps
  • Cellebrite, Magnet Forensics
  • Digital Forensics Utah


“In my practice representing employers in employment law matters, I have used John Troxel and VRI many times for investigation, computer forensics and related tasks. John has always provided top quality services in a timely manner and at a fair price. He also consistently demonstrates integrity and has deep roots in the community, both of which are important to me as well. I have confidence in John and VRI.”

Paul Wilcox, Esq.

Mullen & Henzell, LLP

“As litigators, we rely on Verdict Resources for all of our investigative and e-discovery needs. Verdict Resources is trustworthy, responsive, and effective.” – Ilana Kaufman, Esq.

Ilana Kaufman, Esq.

Miller Law Partners, PC

“It takes a special investigator to be able to handle everything from gum shoe witness investigations all the way to high tech computer forensics. John Troxel makes me look like a rock star to my clients and to the court!”

Doug Ridley, Esq.

Ridley Defense

“We used Verdict Resources to forensically analyze computer data for litigation involving a client’s former employee.  Verdict Resources literally cracked the case by finding key evidence despite the fact that those computer files were password protected.  Verdict Resources decrypted the password which was remarkable considering it was in a foreign language.  We will continue to use Verdict Resources for any investigative needs.

Robert Curtis, Esq.

Foley, Bezek, Behle & Curtis

“John Troxel at Verdict Resources has assisted dozens of my clients throughout the years, from surveillance to computer forensics. He is incredibly responsive, has a team of experts available to accomplish all investigative work needed, and he is a fantastic person as well. I will continue to use his services whenever I need investigations done for my clients.”

Jennifer Gillon Duffy, Esq.

Fell Marking