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Computer Forensics Case: Former Employee
The subject indicated he never exchanged text messages with certain other subjects. A cell phone analysis of his iPhone’s messages supported his assertion, no messages were found. But evidence of texting was identified in log files. iPhones use iMessage when texting between other Apple devices, which is indicated as a blue message on the device, as opposed to green. (A green message indicates an SMS text message that is recorded by the cell phone provider, while the blue iMessages are sent in a different network.) When an iPhone generates a text message, it uses Apple’s authorization service to determine if the recipient has iMessage, and each of those authorizations is logged. We found dozens.  Liar, liar, pants on fire. 

Computer Forensics Consulting: Domestic Matter
Our client, who was experiencing marital problems, got on her home computer to surf the web; and when typing a website address into the Internet browser, the auto complete function filled in a pornographic website address.  We copied the hard drive and analyzed it, and among the 30,000 pornographic images were numerous disturbing and illegal photographic images, including child pornography. The case was referred to local law enforcement, and the evidence gathered has been useful in her custody dispute.


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