Utah Premier Computer Forensics

Why Choose Us?

It is all about finding the magic bullet: We leverage the latest technologies to better serve our clients, from top drawer cell phone analysis to cutting edge computer forensics.

Clients need to rely on quality information more than a “gut feeling.” Partnering with us for your investigative needs means you get reports that are done right, done fast, and are admissible in court.


majik bo͝olət, n., A seemingly magical solution to a complicated problem.


We make darn sure that our clients receive what ever can be obtained from the hard drive or cell phone. We don’t simply rely on simply pushing buttons, but we verify wherever and whenever possible, and can defend our efforts. We’ve been at this for a while!


No one wants to feel like they are signing up to simply access a database or using a vendor. We respond to phone calls, emails, text messages, carrier pigeons, smoke signals . . . you get the picture. If there are any challenges, we own them. We adore our clients!


Timing is everything, so we try to get results yesterday when possible. We can usually respond quickly to whatever requests our clients throw at us.

Our Technology is superior

When analyzing computers, we use dual Xeon CPUs with 128GB RAM and multiple solid state drives. We do not use notebooks, we have mobile workstations. We do all we can to make sure we are on the bleeding edge, translating into a faster and more complete response.